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How to ensure the efficiency of storage operations through shelf placement

The placement of shelves is very important, how to ensure the efficiency of storage operations? Regardless of whether it is about order shipments or supplier arrivals, it is necessary to ensure that the goods run on the same straight line. This is the basic principle of distribution assurance.

The shelves are arranged in vertical order according to the brand. The new product shelves are listed in front of the storage shelves , the best-selling shelves are listed next, the flat-sale shelves are listed last, and the slow-moving shelves are listed last . Guidelines to ensure higher turnover products are stacked at shorter intervals.

E-commerce is faced with retail customers, with strict requirements for speed and accuracy, so the basic investment in logistics equipment is an important detail in the planning of warehouse shelves. Such as: movable SKU boxes, fire-fighting facilities, monitoring equipment, collector network, pallet machinery, etc.

Key points in the design of storage shelves: shelves are containers for materials. The size requirements of the shelf are related to the materials it carries. The size can be customized. The shelf supplier will give the suggested size . On the one hand, it is relatively professional. On the other hand, if there is a problem, it can also be shared. responsibility.

Rack handling equipment. Whether there is a stacking device for shelves at present, assuming that there is, it is necessary to consider many factors such as the rotation radius of the device and the width of the device.

The ground load-bearing level of the warehouse itself, this number needs to be obtained from the contractor. Especially heavy-duty shelves should be extra careful.

The method of import and export of storage materials and storage time . There are goods with different storage times in the warehouse , so it is necessary to think about the method of entering and exiting the warehouse and the method of storage, so as to find a truly suitable storage shelf placement method that can achieve a higher space utilization rate.

In the placement of storage shelves, some people often pay attention to how many storage shelves can be placed, thinking that the more storage shelves are placed, the higher the utilization rate of the warehouse, but the feasibility and convenience of actual operation are often discussed neglect.

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