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Customizable Supermarket Shelf

Customizable Supermarket Shelf

Customizable Supermarket Shelf Features:

  • It becomes a shelving system to meet different needs with flexible components. For back panel, we have metal one, wood one, acrylic one. For shelf, there are metal shelf, wood shelf and glass shelf for your choices.
  • Lighting system, which is the biggest highlight of this shelving system. There is no wire, no rail exposed comparing to normal shelf, as there are either Hidden in bracket for metal shelf, buried in wood shelf or hidden in upright. This improves shopping experience a lot.
  • If you choice wood back panel and wood shelf, This model looks real nicer and makes customers feel more comfortable than metal shelf.
  • Load capacity of wood shelf is much bigger than you can imagine. Although it’s with wood shelf, but we buried two pcs of steel tube inside each shelf. So it can be as strong as metal shelf.

Product Description

Customizable Supermarket Shelf


Hongda supermarket shelves are widely used in various supermarkets, stores, grocery stores, etc. Our supermarket shelves are strictly in accordance with the quality requirements, with fine workmanship and first-class quality, to provide you with the best pre-sales and after-sales services, and relieve your worries during the use of the shelves. Hongda- a professional shelf manufacturer, sells various supermarket shelves with factory prices, and at the same time provides you with a complete turnkey service, designing and manufacturing exclusive shelves according to your requirements.

If you are interested in our medium duty storage rack, you can contact us via email: sales@hdshelf.com or whatsApp: +86 13962497718.


Basic ComponentsSpecifications OptionsSizes (mm)
1. Upright & LegUpright Cross Sections30x70
Upright Height1000-3410
Material Thickness2
Leg Depth445
2. Metal Upper ShelfLength900/1000/1200
Material Thickness0.8
3. Metal Base ShelfLength900/1000/1200
4. Metal Base ShelfLength900/1000/1200
Material Thickness1
5. Metal Back PanelLength900/1000/1200
Material Thickness0.6/0.7/0.8
6. Wood Back PanelLength900/1000/1200
7. Bracket for Metal ShelfLength368
Material Thickness2.5
8. Bracket for Wood ShelfLength368
Material Thickness2.5
9. Top CoverLength900/1000/1200

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