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How to prevent the deformation of light storage shelves?

Storage rack, light shelf. They are distinguished and named according to the carrying capacity of the shelves. According to this division principle, the carrying capacity of light shelves in all storage shelves is relatively small.

Many people who use light storage shelves will complain that light storage shelves are too easy to damage and collapse. On the one hand, it is because the light storage shelves are too heavy, and on the other hand, they are not used correctly according to the instructions. So how can we prevent the storage shelves from deforming?


1. When designing, the shelf factory should fully consider factors such as the service environment, service requirements, load properties, material supply and installation conditions. Then, the manufacturer chooses reasonable structural forms, structural measures and manufacturing materials to make the light shelves produced are technologically advanced, economical and reasonable, safe and applicable, and ensure quality.

2. The technicians of the storage rack factory must calculate the data of the storage rack , analyze it accurately, and determine the parameters required for the design with the help of corresponding tests. They can also directly determine the load-carrying capacity of the shelf structure or a certain component through tests.

3. The settlement value of light storage shelves should be strictly controlled to ensure the normal use of the shelf structure. In the design, attention should be paid to the separation of the shelf foundation and the building column foundation to prevent the building from being damaged by the force of the shelf structure.

Shelf installation

1. Both ends of each beam must be equipped with locking devices, or fastened with screws and nuts, so that the beam can be stably fixed on the column and prevent it from falling off due to upward external force. In order to ensure the engagement of the beam and its locking device (screw and nut), the normal operation of the beam lock and the fastening of the screw and nut should be checked regularly during use , and the damaged device should be replaced in time.

2. The column foot should be correctly fixed on the concrete foundation. It is necessary to clarify whether the connection method between the shelf and the ground is embedded parts, a secondary watering scheme, or a direct connection between the shelf and the ground with chemical bolts. The smaller size of the bolt diameter buried must be determined according to the actual load, earthquake load or wind load calculation. Manually loaded shelves below 2.4m may not be fixed. The concrete used to fix the foundation of the shelf column must be continuously cured for 28 days and bear the corresponding pressure. The uneven settlement of the foundation should meet the requirements of use. 

In terms of use 

1. The user did not follow the operating instructions of the shelf factory during use, and the actual weight of the goods exceeded the layer load of the shelf. When the user uses the shelf, if the weight of the goods placed exceeds the layer load, it is easy to cause deformation and damage to the shelf. 

2. Improper use of handling equipment hits the light storage shelf, especially when using a forklift to operate the goods, the driver’s misoperation will cause the forklift to hit the shelf, resulting in deformation of the light storage shelf. 

3. During use, if the light storage shelves place items unevenly, the weight distribution will be uneven, and the shelves are easy to deform. For example, when placing items, the weight of the items is concentrated on one point, and there is no load in other areas, and the shelf is easy to deform. 

The above points are easy to cause deformation of light storage shelves. It is recommended that you pay attention to the above points in the process of purchasing and using shelves, which can prevent the deformation and damage of the shelves, prolong the service life of the shelves, and save costs for the enterprise.

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