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How to display the tobacco and wine showcase

Supermarkets is an important link to display brand image and increase the market share of tobacco and alcohol. Tobacco and alcohol display makes tobacco and alcohol products vividly displayed in front of consumers, making them easier to be accepted or recognized by consumers. In addition to providing In addition to giving consumers a space to choose tobacco and alcohol brands, it also has the effect of guiding and stimulating customers’ purchasing interest and promoting the sales of tobacco and alcohol. So how to do a good job in displaying tobacco and alcohol?

Principle of clear classification 

The display of tobacco and alcohol products on the counter and shelves should be regularly placed according to the manufacturer’s region, brand family, price, color and other factors, so that the classification is clear, the key points are prominent, the primary and secondary are distinct, orderly, and the color matching It can be clearly distinguished and harmonious. The commonly used classification methods are: price display method, manufacturer display method, brand series method, key point method, centralized display method, and comparative display method. No matter which classification method is used, it should be based on consumer consumption habits to facilitate consumers to choose.

Principle of being beautiful and eye-catching

The display of tobacco and alcohol products is a silent advertisement. We should strive to increase the aesthetics and attractiveness of the display, or make full use of the existing product quantity for centralized display, or use materials flexibly to increase the visual impact on consumers, or fully create individuality The atmosphere is unified, neat and clean, concentrated and eye-catching, and pleasing to the eye. In order to achieve beautiful and eye-catching purposes . The 

Principle of abundance and prosperity 

Any customer hopes to choose from a variety of products, and will have doubts when he sees that there are only a few products left on the shelf. A survey report shows that the sales volume of supermarkets with full display of goods is 14%~130% higher than that of supermarkets with non-full display, and the average sales volume is 24% higher. The same is true for the display of tobacco and alcohol. The tobacco and alcohol in the container are neatly placed and the density is moderate. There must be no vacancies . Thus losing confidence in the product. 

Attached Principles

Accompanying instructions is accompanied by information descriptions to attract consumers to read, and it also gives consumers time and space to purchase, which can further promote consumers to purchase. A survey shows that the effects of different additional information are as follows: advertising information plus brand can increase sales by 24%; brand plus product benefits can increase sales by 18%; brand plus benefits plus price can increase sales by 33%. Carrying out the work of clearly marking the prices of tobacco and alcohol is actually part of the display, which can display the brand information of tobacco and alcohol in detail , enhance consumers’ confidence in the products, and facilitate consumers to purchase. 

The principle of vivid renovation. 

The display of tobacco and alcohol products should especially highlight the freshness. Only freshness can generate greater appeal to tobacco consumers. To be fresh, the key is to change and update frequently, adjust and change display locations, price tags, and advertisements frequently, and constantly “pack old wine in new bottles”, so that products can face consumers with a good look, so that consumers always have A visual freshness.

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