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Tobacco and alcohol display cabinet design and production skills

In major shopping malls and supermarkets , tobacco and alcohol display cabinets are indispensable, so what skills should we pay attention to in the design of our tobacco and alcohol display cabinets, let’s take a look at it in detail. The showcase should catch the attention of consumers at a glance, and the design principles should be simple, generous and beautiful. If the design of the tobacco and alcohol showcase is too complicated, it will easily affect the work efficiency of the sales staff. The products displayed on the showcase allow consumers to find what they need in the first place.

Designing the showcase , consider it carefully. Once the showcase design plan is discussed and approved, do not change it easily, especially not at a later stage. Changes may delay construction, increase costs, or even affect the opening. Budget is often a source of conflict, and there can be a large gap between budget and design. As a showcase designer, you must accept the budget realistically and try your best to do the design work within the budget. If the design and construction expenses are too much, the showcase designer should take the responsibility. Therefore, it is necessary to insist on clarifying the budget standards, control expenses, arrange all projects and standards in advance, and do a good job of design and construction within the budget. The showcase should have a center and focus. The focal point of the booth can attract attention. The focus selection should serve the purpose of the exhibition, which is generally a special product, a new product, an important product or a valued product. Highlight key points by means of location, layout, lighting, etc. Looking on the other hand is using the right colors, graphics and arrangements in a coherent way to create a unified impression. The focus of the exhibits is highlighted through the combination of layout, color, lighting, etc. The function of the showcase is to set off the displayed products, so the theme of the showcase design must be consistent with the temperament, characteristics and image of the showcase.

The general showcase is composed of many parts: layout, color, lighting, exhibits, etc. A good tobacco and alcohol showcase is to combine all these factors into a natural, distinct layer, and it is easier for consumers to feel the senses.

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