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How to use and maintain steel and wood shelves?

Wood shelf is a hybrid shelf made of steel and wood materials. The appearance of the steel-wood shelf is no different from that of the wooden shelf. So how should we maintain the steel and wood shelves?

The uprights of steel-wood shelves are made of high-quality steel, and some of the spare parts of the shelves are also made of steel.

Because the appearance of steel and wood shelves is fashionable and high-grade , and the main body of the shelf is stable, once the steel and wood shelves are launched, they are favored by many shop owners and sell well . It is very good to extend the service life of the shelf and ensure the safety of the user.

Pay attention to the following points during use:

Steel and wood shelves should be kept away from direct sunlight and placed in a cool place to avoid high temperature during use.

In daily maintenance, it is better to use a clean rag, wipe with a soft damp rag, and avoid using acidic or alkaline cleaners to clean the surface of the shelf fiberboard.

Do not hit the surface of the shelf with heavy objects, and do not cut the surface of the shelf with sharp objects, so as not to cause scratches and damage the appearance of the shelf.

The above points are the precautions for the use of steel and wood shelves. In order to keep the appearance of the shelves as they are, the maintenance of the shelves is essential. Therefore, in the daily use of the shelf, we should pay attention to the maintenance of the shelf and take care of the hygiene of the shelf.

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