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Supermarket shelf placement skills

The shelf is the most important part of the supermarket. The placement of the shelf directly affects the sales of the supermarket. For the placement of the supermarket shelf, there are mainly the following skills:

1. Promote the sales of unsalable products;

2. Prioritize the placement of products with the largest profit points in supermarkets;

3. Concentrated display of similar products is convenient for customers to shop;

4. Reasonable layout of space (some commodities are larger, some commodities are smaller, according to the size of the commodities, combined with the internal situation of the mall, a unified layout);

5. Customer shopping safety (fire safety should be considered, and various chemical substances that are prone to reactions should be placed separately, and a safe distance should be ensured. At the same time, according to the hot-selling commodity area, such as daily necessities and food, adequate passages should be reserved , to ensure that there will be no incidents of crowding and hurting people).

6. Consider the handling of the goods when they are put on the shelves. If something is too heavy, don’t put it on several layers of shelves, which is not conducive to replenishment and removal of shelves.

7. Special zoning to improve competitiveness. For example, separate the characteristic products of this supermarket into areas.

8. Easy to count.

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