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The placement and selection of supermarket shelves

In real life, many people go to the supermarket every week to choose the items they need from the rows of supermarket shelves. Good shelf placement can promote the growth of sales. Shelf placement requires a reasonable layout, which is not only conducive to unloading, but also to shelving and handling.

1.Selection of store area

We can see that some small supermarkets and small stores have shelves for placing goods, and different store areas choose shelves of different sizes. There are many types of shelves on the market, such as 1350mm, 1500mm and 1800mm double-sided shelves.

Generally, large and medium-sized supermarkets will use 1350mm and 1500mm double-sided supermarket shelves, which can place more goods. For example, small supermarkets and convenience stores only need to buy single-sided shelves with 1350mm and 1500mm specifications to meet the requirements of the store.

  1. Maintain balance

The shelf placement of supermarkets should follow the rule of “from small to large, from light to heavy”, so as to maintain a good shelf balance. It not only keeps the shelves from slumping, but also makes people happy when browsing, which is in line with people’s visual habits and aesthetics.

For cheap and lightweight items, you can put them on the upper shelf, while expensive and bulky items can be placed on the lower shelf. In fact, when we go to the supermarket , we will know that some induction cookers and rice cookers are placed on the lower shelf of the supermarket, while some cups and plastic bags are placed on the upper shelf .

  1. Pay attention to the details. Before

Placing the shelves, the location of the products should be classified. Some food and fruit products need to know where to put them. The arrangement of the shelf position should leave a certain space for people to walk. These are the details to pay attention to.

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