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What are the advantages of steel and wood shelves in supermarkets?

Nowadays, there are more and more applications of steel and wood shelves. From supermarket convenience stores to mother and baby stores, to imported product displays, the use of steel-wood shelves is more and more accepted.

Supermarket shelves can be divided into steel and wood shelves and steel shelves according to the material. Generally, if it is a boutique supermarket, it is recommended to choose steel and wood shelves, which is more in line with the store image and shows good quality. Steel-wood supermarket shelves have the following advantages:

  1. The material is solid and more durable . Supermarket shelves made of steel and wood are generally made of cold-rolled steel as the frame, and then equipped with side panels and back panels made of high-density boards.
  2. In terms of materials, the wood texture of the double-sided display shelves of the supermarket wooden back panels is fine, and the natural wood has the characteristics of dust resistance, so it is safer to use, and the wood shelves are more in line with the requirements.
  3. The style and appearance are good-looking . The steel and wood shelves are beautiful in appearance, which can not only create a simple and fashionable atmosphere, but also create a delicate shopping environment, which is more high-grade when used for the display of goods, which is conducive to enhancing the display effect of goods.

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